Om Oss

Annika created Holy Sally in 2011 with the ambition to create a brand for teenagers after identifying a gap in the market that she envisioned to fill. The foundation of the brand is built on a collection of styles in soft colours not too girly nor too challenging, where the customer can create their own style as well as focusing on a timeless design.

The brand became very popular and in 2014 Caroline joined to help with the continued success of what Annika had started.

”The brand is not only pieces of garments, we also want to create a feeling of belonging and give all teens a message that they are good as they are and should not be afraid of choosing their own path in life”

The brand did not just become popular among its targeted teen audience, but their mom’s started to show a strong interest. The idea of developing the brand into a concept for both women and teenagers emerged.

Today, the collections are created with the same foundation in mind but with an edge and a clearer identity. When creating our collections we mix inspiration from the 60’s and the 70’s with a feminine & flattering look for the 20th century women.

Welcome to join our journey!


Peace, Love & understanding to all.

Annika & Caroline